AC Ace 1997


AC Ace 1997, known as the Brooklands Ace as they were built at the site of the famous racetrack. 5ltr 302 V8 taken from the Ford Mustang. Only 62 were made. This particular car was the late 90s prototype/press car. Electric convertible shown here with optional hardtop. This vehicle had a repaint to bring it back to life. It had also benefited from a full retrim.




Japanese spec, 1994 lightweight model had a full colour change to Mazda 6 Blue Pacific Mica. Bonnet louvres added, cruise lamps removed, after market front bumper made to fit with late spec lamps, stonechip on sills removed plus rear spoiler taken off and smoothed over. Also had suspension, brake and wheel upgrades. Fitted with bucket seats, full harnesses and a roll cage before having the engine tuned to almost 600bhp.


VW Golf




Yes we do modern cars too! Scuffs, dents or as you can see panel replacements too.




Light scuff damage repaired and refinished.